Reflective Art……….



Mirror 1

Think of mirrors as art for the walls, pieces that not only reflect, but form shape and style in an innovative way, creating even more depth  to the gaze.

Mirror 4

Create an open up dull and empty spaces within the confines of the walls. Using shapes in varying sizes these mirrors are reflective, see through and floating, creating a floating frame allows a frameless contemporary timeless design, giving shape form and structure to inspire the imagination, clever lighting can also be used to add even more texture to fill the area with moods and drama.

Mirror 6

A mirror can be small or large, placed in formations of combinations of varying sizes, or left simple as one piece over  a entrance hall table or multi-able configurations around the corner ends of a buffet to create a sculptured look.

Creating a look for your space can be simple and elegant or bold – Beautiful and functional mirrors can be easily designed for your individual situations of space, shaping your walls with emotions and moods.

Mirror 3

Magic mirrors……..

Mirrors needn’t be purely functional. Think of them as useful art for your walls and choose designs with shapes, facets or frames.

Mirror 2

Things That Dreams Are Made Of…………………….




Night is not just a time of darkness, night is dreams and imagination, it’s intimacy, having time to talk without hurrying and the joy of having friends around. Night brings the pleasure of watching a old movie on television again, listening to forgotten music, night is the relief of coming home, night is silence – finally – taking off your watch and turning off the light.


Then nothing is more blissful than drifting off against a backdrop of pleasingly crumpled and cool – to – the – touch linen. Transforming your bedroom into a relaxing casual retreat, with a makeover you can add a splash of colour, whether it’s with an accent fabric or timber to lift your spirits and revitalize your sleeping space.

Choosing the right bed head can instantly update your room, after the stress of the daily grind your bedroom is the ultimate sanctary for some much – needed rest and relaxation, make it a calm, contemplative space, simple, restful and calm for a pared – down feel. Your bedroom should contain just the bare necessities, use neutral colours and natural materials to shape the character of the room. A mix of wood, colour and fabrics keeps the look harmonious for a soothing ambience.

photo                                    DSC02050

Focus Bedrooms…………………………………………….


The difference a handcrafted natural bed and bed head makes, is nor merely something you see – it’s something you feel. Natural materials such as fabrics and timber can play a vital part in creating the perfect bedroom and nights sleep. By blending the decorative and practical elements of your bedroom seamlessly, you can create a cohesive, calming effect and transform your space into a sanctuary for sleep. To achieve rest and relaxation it’s a good idea to cull extraneous objects from and leave only those that are conducive to sleep : A side light, a book to unwind with and alarm clock to awake you from your slumber may be all you need. But pared back doesn’t  have to mean stark and uncomfortable, comfort comes first in a bedroom, so work with texture, using layers and crisp bed linen, scatter cushions, thick lush quilts  and soft throws in which will all complement your bed and bed head, cocoon yourself for a good nights sleep.


Special Things custom designs and manufacture quality upholstered and timber bed heads for todays modern life style living – stylish contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. Special Things with passion and flair will create a look for your style and taste for your next perfect bedroom.


There are few experiences more luxurious than sinking into a plush well crafted bed, for the ultimate in comfort and quality. With hand made head boards using sumptuous fabrics and timbers you can’t fail to sleep soundly – for a great night’s sleep that’s naturally indulgent.


A good night’s sleep makes all the difference to your day, so make sure you go happy to bed every night.

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