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Furniture that makes music!



Loox Sound System 105

Entertainment for rooms and furniture.


Loox Sound System

Can you imagine, life without music? It’s simply unthinkable for many of us. Today our favourite songs and play lists accompany us wherever we go, usually stored in our smart phones, Tablets or notebooks. Our music is always accessible to us, with App options as well, music is always there whether we are wearing headphones while jogging etc, listening in the car via bluetooth and of course within our own home.

In doing what they do best, looxs hits the market with their newest development – Loox Sound System 105. This innovative sound system allows you to design and build customised furniture with built in sound, which is sure to impress the music loving clentele.

The Loox Sound System 105, is an invisible sound system that is ingeniously developed to be installed into furniture pieces. A bluetooth receiver with an integrated exciter ( sound transducer ), are neatly encased in a specially designed compact body. This sends vibrations through different surfaces, transforming every piece of furniture into a sound conductor ( speaker ). Even at such an early stage in the development, the Loox Sound System 105 perfects the new technology.

To make it even smarter, those already familiar with the Loox System have it even easier.  The Loox Sound System 105 is designed and built to suit the plug and play Loox Driver. Now you can combine the excitement of sound with the ambience of Loox LED lights and only have one driver to install.

Making your home furniture a piece of refined beauty, where lives and volumes blend harmoniously.







Led Lighting………

Lighting can be more than just a necessary addition to a room,with the right lighting playing on moods and emotions to create a tone for any space.


Innovative lighting can create dramatic highlights, subtle warmth, or functional illumination. With lighting, whatever mood is desired can be created in the home.


Led lighting solutions feature the latest in european design excellence and are the perfect addition to make living spaces work beautifully.


The slim sleek Led Lighting range provides the solution for any room, be it on the walls, floors, inside cupboards, wardrobes or furniture, with low voltage Led lights that give off almost no heat and uses limited energy.


Selecting the right lighting is important. Good light is not necessarily the same as a bright light, the lighting needs to be used to enhance the space and provide illumination where needed.

Coffee Table Lifestyle



The traditional coffee table is no longer just a table placed in the centre of the room, with todays lifestyles the word is flexibility, form and design. Each space is as different as is the person in it, so getting the right shape and form is the key. Materials are the other, so looking at what will work in the space, maybe large or small also in-between, do you need storage or a flexible piece that breaks up into small units to use as side tables or wrap arounds, will you need to use glass or timber, colour or a combination of finishes. Shape is the other, choose a form that works for the movement and traffic flow, and ergonomics of the area. So if  you are looking for occasional tables and need help, we can offer our assistants in the finding the right style to suit.

Glass Top Coffee Table




Donna Chisholm has created a coffee table book of inspiration with photo’s and caption’s that will inspire and delight your mind and eyes, setting the scene to inspire your imagination. Visit – to get your copy and enhance the top of your coffee table.

Coffee Table Book




Side and coffee tables are a great place to put your glass of wine and kick back. At Pinot NOW the word is just that, with great wines and champagnes. You can check them out and like Pinot NOW on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or And now with the Pop Up Pinot format they have introduced pop up tastings. The first being at the renowned Supermaxi in Fitzroy North.  Fabulous night and a great success. So keep your eyes and ears, and taste buds to the ground so you don’t miss out on the next night.

Pop Up Pinot

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