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When you move into an apartment the problem is usually storage and space. So when
clients Janet and Keith moved to the Docklands they commissioned me to work on solving
First was looking at what was already there, then working with them both we focused on
adding to and maximizing storage and getting rid of clutter. So bespoke was the best
We added and altered cupboards and wardrobes to already built in sections that were not
very practical, mirrors and new furniture items were added around some already obtained
For example, in the bathrooms, vanities that only had openings and no drawers or
cupboard space that was not shelved or wide enough, but with room to extend on the side.
Also, making a kitchen into a functioning one by altering and working with the existing
format, to create a feeling of harmony, style and functionality, all in mind to fit with Janet
and Keith’s lifestyle and living requirements.

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Our mission is to elevate our clients awareness of design innovation for their living environment, thereby enhancing their lifestyle. We are committed to creating furniture which you will cherish for a lifetime.