Living in an apartment has it’s challenges, having smaller areas define how we need to look at the space within, both for storage and overall visual aesthetics, making our space multifunctional, comfortable and appealing. Putting your own individual stamp on your home, a place that is well thought out that welcomes you, a place that you can call home.

You must make sure your space is multifunctional, Bedrooms that have multiple usage – bedroom, TV room and study, by using a fold out sofa and a bookcase – desk – TV unit, is one way of multi tasking you space.

Choosing furniture is the other key and not to over decorate, find or have furniture made that is storage minded. Occasional tables that have drawers, cupboards and units that have storage within, and may be in the form of a media unit that spans a wall of your apartment in which houses your media units and storage for DVD’s, glassware, crockery etc. and has shelving display areas within it’s design to allow you to move your photo’s, sculptures and other ornaments around for display. Also look for the right style of furniture, it should be light in design, not heavy and bulky. This will help to add the feeling of space and light to your room.

Often there are spaces in your apartment that are odd empty nooks. These are not always thought about but can be used to your advantage, one example is a common one – the kitchen bench section often these have bench top over hangs which are wasted space, cupboards can be made to fit creating  an immense space for storage. Although often not very deep it can be perfect for glassware and items of such nature.

Organising your wardrobes is also a major must as most are originally poorly designed, so look and plan carefully to maximise these areas.Your bed can be storage also, look for units that lift or have drawer storage under them and bed heads that can house bedding  in them.

You should think about your colour palate by choosing the right colours and materials. You can keep your space open and not closed in, light colours work best with accent colour for drama and attention to areas that need it. The possibilities are endless with creative thoughts and inspirational ideas. All you have to do is look at the bigger picture and decide on the look and storage dilemmas that you need to work for your lifestyle and space.


Bench unit over hang has been filled in with cupboard storage which creates a buffet under the front of the bench and allows the dinning area to have clear access around the table.


Creating more pantry storage – Having empty space on the left of the cupboard allows you to create double the storage capacity.


A void empty area having previously no purpose, now has storage for items with a cupboard and shelving added for display, turning this previously empty corner into having function and style.

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