Media Units

Designed & Made in Melbourne

Media Units | Wall-mounted or Free-standing

Special Things create media units with attitude and style, all personalised to your needs and lifestyle. Our furniture pieces provide the perfect focal point for your media equipment, without compromising on design.

Design Process

Your requirements are our key considerations. We determine the media equipment you have now  or may need in the near future. What you need to store and display will then determine your storage requirements. To determine the final look and feel, we will then discuss style, lighting, integration, automation and size options.

Using this information, the design process can start. The result will be a functional, made to measure media unit.

Integration of Technology

Infuse your furniture with the latest in technology! Integrating the latest technology means no ugly cords or wires showing – just beautiful cabinetry.

  • A lift unit can be installed to raise and lower your television from the cabinetry to conceal it out of sight when not in use
  • Sound bars can be installed discretely but still retain sound quality
  • Smart systems can be integrated into your devices for use with your phone or iPad

A Selection of our Media Units

The 9M series

The 9M is our signature media unit, defined by dynamic components, modern features and above all functionality. This is wrapped in a package of design, quality and elegant prestige. As a result, the overall design is clean and modern.

Various fitted elements can be used in multiple combinations, making the 9M series extremely versatile in its style and function. The various elements include: flap doors, drawers, doors, shelves, floating units, cable management and display boxes. Hide the television behind doors, or leave it on display. Integrating an LED lighting system also adds a theatrical sense to the composition.

Whether using the 9M, or creating a bespoke media unit, Special Things can add a stunning focus to your living room.


We offer a large range of materials and finishes in our media units. These include solid timber, solid timber veneers, decorative veneers, Two Pack paint finish and glass. If required, we can also accommodate other materials such as marble, tile or stone.


Price will vary depending on the size and the materials used. However, as a guide our smaller units would start from $2,200. Our the larger units would start from $3,500.

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