Docklands Apartment Fitout

Docklands Apartment Fitout

LocationDocklands, Melbourne
Value$25,001 – $50,000
ClientJanet and Keith
ProductsMedia Units, Living, Bathroom, Kitchen

The Issues

When you move into an apartment from a house one of the key issues is usually the lack of storage and less space. When clients Janet and Keith moved to the Docklands they commissioned Special Things to work on solving these problems for them. At the same time we had to ensure the solution fitted with Janet and Keith’s lifestyle and living requirements.

Our Solutions

First we looked at what was already there, then we worked with them both and focused on adding to and maximizing storage, and getting rid of any clutter. We determined that bespoke changes, along with some additional furniture, would be the most cost effective and functional solution.

Cupboards and wardrobes were either altered or added to Existing built-in units were modified to make them more practical and useful.  Mirrors and new furniture items were added to complement or enhance some existing pieces.

In the bathrooms, existing vanity units had only basic openings. The units were extended at the sides, plus drawers, cupboards and practical shelves were added.

The kitchen was transformed into a functional space by altering and working with the existing format to create a feeling of harmony, style and functionality.