Hawthorn Dining Room

Hawthorn Dining Room Update

LocationHawthorn, Melbourne
Value$25,001 – $50,000
ClientRob & Deb
ProductsDining, Living

The Issues

This client had extended the back area of the house, and within that new dining area was located. Inside the main dining section was a high window and above that was an existing air conditioner unit.  The rest of the wall was blank.

The brief was to cover the air conditioning unit and create a side board unit for storage.

Our Solutions

The top section of the wall unit was split into three seperate flap doors. The central door opened to reveal the air conditioning unit when in use, and then hid it away when it wasn’t needed. This left a clean looking unit with simple lines.

To keep an open feel to the large wall area, the base section of the wall unit was floating off the wall. The storage section included doors and internal drawers which allowed for all of their storage needs in this area.

The back section of the wall unit featured integrated LED lighting for extra effect, as well as extra lighting. To house the TV and other electronics, a sleek media centre was created to sit to the left-hand side of the unit.  All media connections are concealed behind it. The two units blended together to add to the overall modern and sleek look.

The room was complemented with a new rectangular solid oak dining table, designed to seat a large family or dine with friends.

The new dining area is now a complete space that opens up when friends come around, but cosy and private when they want to be alone to read or work. A home designed to be transformed without losing its balance and harmony.