Upway Home

Upway Home Fitout

LocationUpway, Melbourne
ClientJean & Robert
ProductsMedia Units, Living, Bedroom, Occasional Tables, Home Office

The Issues

The brief for the project was to create new furniture that worked in with existing pieces to provide harmony and a effortless flow throughout the home.

“A home that surrounds us and becomes open when we need it, and confines us in comfort when we need to be alone. A home full of situations. A home that empowers us to be ourselves.”

Our Solutions

All of the furniture pieces have been crafted for both simplicity, beauty and functionality. Whereever possible each pice would have multiple uses with hidden features and benefits.

The bed was designed with useful built-in functional features to meet the demands of modern living. The bed frame itself floats around the bed, allowing it to rise in contouring positions. LED back lighting was also incorporated into the bedhead.

The bedside tables, with a simple drawer front, reveal a drawer with a sliding internal top shelf. Neatly hidden away are also  GPO and USB points for phones iPad and laptops.

The main coffee table include subtle built-in drawers, also with sliding internal tops. This makes it easy to store and reach for items, as well as a handy place to sit your wine! The casual living coffee tables are flexible and easily be moved around when needed, stacked together or apart.

The lounge wall system incorporated a creative storage office area. The sliding panel hides television away when not in use. The drawer and cupboard storage all incorporated LED lighting and all areas fold or slide away out of sight.