Whisper Wedding Dress – Melbourne Design Week 2019

The Whisper Wedding Dress was designed for Melbourne Design Week 2019 – for the Superficial Exhibition section of the NGV Victoria Collaboration.

Living with design, we wear our interiors like a garment in an up close personal relationship which influences our moods. The majority of objects in our lives are created and characterised by industrial manufacturing. But we also live in a marriage with our home and its surroundings forming a strong bond over time.

Good non mass-produced design lasts a lifetime and items we love are passed down to the next generation. Just like a wedding dress is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

This non disposable usage of good design makes it inherently eco-friendly and sustainable for the planet we live on and its resources.

The Whisper Wedding Dress was a unique design challenge that was constructed using various standard and not so standard materials, i.e.

  • Material: White satin fabric, net lace
    Finishes: Various timber veneers