Console Mirrors

Designed & Made in Melbourne

Console Mirror Collection

Freestanding or floor mirrors are unbound by walls and become dynamic focal points that effortlessly enhance any space. Floor mirrors strategically placed in living areas or halls can amplify light or create the illusion of more space.

Our console mirrors can be stand-alone pieces of wall art and include a shelf or similar. Console mirrors can also be placed over a buffet or piece of furniture to create light or form an effective window effect.

Each mirror is not just a reflective surface but an artistic expression that breathes life into every corner of your home.

Our Console Mirror Gallery

The mirror itself is 6mm quality clear glass with a thin layer of silver. This is attached to the glass by electrolysis, making the image crystal clear. In selected mirrors we manually remove parts of this layer so these areas can be reprinted, etched or left clear, thereby creating various unique effects.

Thanks to our production process we can combine design, technology and craftsmanship into every mirror.

We can also modify our existing range or custom-make mirrors to fit your specific needs.

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